Data Migration Manager

IP Office Release 11 does not support Contact Recorder. However, existing customers of Contact Recorder can migrate their call record database to Media Manager, which is the only archiving solution in IP Office Release 11. The migration process includes migration of only the metadata of the call records stored in Contact Recorder locally, or remotely on DVD or NAS. The migration process does not move the actual media files. Using the migrated metadata, Media Manager identifies the call recordings and provides playback, downloading, and housekeeping facility. VRLA records migrated from Contact Recorder can still be verified for tampering using the Media Manager interface Thus Media Manager becomes a single interface for all call records, whether archived through Media Manager for newer recordings or the older recordings archived through Contact Recorder.

Existing Contact Recorder users can migrate to Media Manager through Web Manager. Administrators can migrate the Contact Recorder database to Media Manager using Applications > Media Manager > Migration. For detailed instructions, see the Administering Avaya IP Office Platform Media Manager guide.



Contact Recorder customers must back up their database prior to upgrading to IP Office Release 11.

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