Combo Card

The IP Office IP500V2 Combination Card ATM (700504556) combines multiple station and trunk ports with voice over IP resources in a single cost effective card. This item can only be used on IP500v2 chassis. Provides combination of 6 x Digital (DS) ext ports, 2 x analogue ext ports, 4 x analogue trunk ports Maximum of 2 Combination cards, installed in any slot are supported on IP500v2.

Avaya IP500 V2 Combination Card ATM V2 specification:

  • 6 Digital Station (DS)
  • 4 analog CO Lines
  • 2 Analog station ports
  • 10 VCM channels
  • IP500V2 only
  • Maximum of 2 Combination Cards per IP500V2
  • Avaya IP & SIP Phone licensing sold separately
  • IP Office minimum software level of 8.1(63) or higher is required
  • For Systems running software older than 8.1(63), use the 700476013 Combo Card.


  • Compatible only with IP500 V2 control unit running IPO 8.1 Feature Pack 1 (8.1.63) or higher
  • Digital station (DS) ports compatible with Avaya 1400, 2400, 5400, 6400, and 9500 series digital telephones