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Avaya one-X® Mobile is an application that mobile users use to connect to IP Office.

Avaya one-X® Mobile works in call-back telephony mode. For example, when a user initiates a call from the client, IP Office initiates a call to the caller’s mobile device and then dials the destination. This mode offers cost savings to users in countries where incoming voice calls are free or for users who have a cheaper unlimited voice plan as compared with a data plan.

The one-X Mobile Preferred mobility client also works in Voice over IP (VoIP) mode. In the VoIP mode, the client makes calls over Wi-Fi/3G/4G data networks. The client, using its underlying SIP stack, registers with IP Office over the data network and functions as an office extension.

Users in countries where incoming calls are charged will see a significant cost savings in the VoIP mode especially when on Wi-Fi networks. The availability of both call-back and VoIP modes on the mobility client will enable users to toggle between the modes based on their network connections. This will empower end-users to make a choice of the appropriate mode based on their voice and data plan as well as the availability and quality of their data connection (WiFi/3G/4G). For example,

  • The user can choose the call-back mode when he or she doesn’t have Wi-Fi access and the 3G data connection is not providing good quality for voice.

  • The user can choose the VoIP mode when he or she has access to a mobile hotspot where a Wi-Fi data connection is available or when the 3G or 4G data connection is good.

One one-X Mobile Preferred mobility client supports VoIP mode on both iOS and Android devices. VoIP mode is available with the Power User profile. Users with Mobile Worker profiles can only use call-back mode. VoIP mode does not require an IP endpoint license. The following features are available:

  • Ring-tone selection

  • High bandwidth or narrowband codec selection based on the network connection available

  • Bluetooth headset audio control on VoIP calls

  • Conference screen

  • Contact phone number selection

  • Voicemail priority indicator

  • Swipe support for instant messaging on home screen

  • Group action support

  • Emoticons

  • CLID lookup in contacts for calls

  • Send voicemail as WAV in email

  • Enable or disable mobile twinning (simultaneous ring)

  • Enable or disable DND (send all calls)

  • Call log combined with voicemails in the event history

  • Call monitoring to see and interact with all calls

  • VoIP mode dial plan

  • Transfer calls as a third-party call controller (3PCC)



Avaya Equinox™ for IP Office is a SIP-based Unified Communications (UC) client that provides users with real time collaboration capabilities and enables business users to easily manage their day-to-day communications from a single interface. IP Office supports the following operating systems:

  • Desktop:

    • Windows

    • macOS

  • Mobile phone:

    • Android: From a mobile phone, tablet, or an Avaya Vantage™ device

    • iOS

    note Note

    In Avaya Vantage™ Release 2.0.1, the K165 and K175 devices support the Avaya Equinox™ client. The K155 device does not support the Avaya Equinox™ client.



Avaya Equinox™


Avaya Equinox™ is a common cross-platform client. The client capabilities vary depending on the platform it is registered with. The supported features in Avaya Equinox™ for IP Office are:

  • Top of Mind Home Screen

    • Next meetings showing local calendar schedule or Exchange Web Service/Office 365

    • Local Call History

    • Messages

    • Start Meetings/Launch Spaces dashboard

  • Top of Mind Lite Option for Mobile phones

  • IP Office directory and local contacts

  • Messaging through Avaya Spaces

  • Presence through IP Office server

  • Local call history

  • Dialpad with Redial

  • Desktop integration with Microsoft Outlook and Browsers

  • Softphone client audio and video calls

  • Shared control of an associated IP Office deskphone.

Avaya Equinox™ registers with IP Office server as a SIP softphone for audio and video calling, and telephony features. The following features are supported:

  • Point to point audio and video calls (make, receive, and end)

  • Multiple call handling (incoming and outgoing)

  • Hold and retrieve (audio and video calls)

  • Transfer (blind and consultative)

  • Consult conferencing

  • Escalate audio to video call

  • Share control with supported desk phones in the Avaya Equinox™ desktop client

  • Avaya Equinox™ on Avaya Vantage™

  • Presence and directory integration with Avaya Equinox™ on Avaya Vantage™

  • Enter DTMFs during a call

Avaya Equinox™ client on Avaya Vantage™ supports the following features:

  • Making outgoing calls.

  • Handling incoming calls.

  • Putting call on hold and resuming the call.

  • Muting and unmuting a call.

  • Transferring a call.

  • Escalating an audio call to video call and de-escalating video call to audio call.

  • Entering DTMF digits using the keypad.

  • Access your local contacts

  • Access your IP Office contacts by using IP Office directory.

  • Manage your presence status and presence status messages.

Avaya Equinox™ for IP Office limitations:

  • CTI Control — Avaya Equinox™ for IP Office cannot be controlled through other applications such as Avaya Contact Center SelectIP Office Contact Center, or IP Office SoftConsole.

  • Branch worker — Avaya Equinox™ for IP Office does not support failover between Avaya Aura® core and IP Office Branch.

  • For Instant Messaging, Avaya Equinox™ for IP Office depends on the availability of Avaya Spacesbasic account in the Cloud.

  • The Avaya Equinox™ client accesses Avaya Equinox® Meetings Online using HTTPS, from within the Equinox Meetings tab of the client. The Avaya Equinox™ client can access local on-premise Equinox Conferencing in the same way using HTTPS, that is, if the access URL is configured under Equinox Meetings. However, if the Avaya Equinox™ client accesses local on-premise Equinox Conferencing through SIP trunks, audio and video will be available but not sharing or conference roster. The same applies for accessing Scopia over SIP trunks too. Even when Avaya Equinox™ client accesses local on-premise IP Office Meet Me Conferencing, audio will be available but not sharing or conference roster.

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