Campaign Manager

As part of Voicemail Pro, Campaign Manager enables the gathering of repetitive information (such as brochure requests) to be fully automated, leaving agents free to deal with other more complex calls which require human interaction. A definable sequence of recordings are played to the caller with time in between each recording to allow the capture of the caller’s spoken answers and/or the caller’s key presses via DTMF. At the end of the transaction the caller can be thanked and the completed transaction retrieved by an agent via a web interface or a short code.

Campaign Manager allows calls in queue to “break out” of the queue, or be directed in an “Overflow” situation to complete their transactions thereby increasing customer satisfaction by effecting an ‘answer’ to their call. This ensures that a minimum of customers give up when forced to wait in a queue or even worse, hear a recorded message stating that they are calling outside of “office hours”.




Campaigns will work on Linux Voicemail Pro, but this Campaign Manager retrieval will not as Voicemail Pro is required to run on Windows in order to function…

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