Call Logging

IP Office can store a centralized call log for you. The centralized call log contains up to 60 call records for your calls (Server Edition) or 30 call records (IP500 V2). Each new call record replaces the oldest previous record when it reaches the limit.

On Avaya phones with a fixed Call Log or History button (1400, 1600, 9500, 9600, J100 Series), that button can be used display your centralized call log. You can use the call log to make calls or to store contacts as a personal speed dial. You can also edit the call log to remove records. The same call log is also used if the user logs into one-X Portal.


The centralized call log moves with you if you log on and off from different phones and / or Avaya IX™ Workplace Client. This includes hot desking within a network.

The missed call count is updated per user and not per call when a centralized call log is enabled. The missed call count is the sum of all the missed calls from a user, even if some of those missed calls have been reviewed in the call history screen already.

The user’s call log records are stored by the system that is their home system, that is, the one on which they are configured. When the user is logged in on another system, new call log records are sent to the user’s home system, but using the time and date on the system where the user is logged in.

These settings are mergeable. Changes to these settings do not require a reboot of the system

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