Call Intrude

This feature allows you to intrude on the existing connected call of the specified target user. All call parties are put into a conference and can talk to and hear each other. A Call Intrude attempt to a user who is idle becomes a Priority Call.

The ability to intrude and be intruded is controlled by two configuration settings, the Can Intrude (User | Telephony | Supervisor Settings) setting of the user intruding and the Cannot Be Intruded (User | Telephony | Supervisor Settings) setting of target being intruded on. The setting of any other internal party is ignored. By default, no users can intrude and all users are set to cannot be intruded.

Note that this feature requires conference resources from the system for the duration of the intrusion.

Users can use privacy features that to indicate that a call cannot be intruded on. See Private Calls.

Intruding onto a user doing silent monitoring (Call Listen) is turned into a silent monitoring call.

The system support a range of other call intrusion methods in addition to this feature.

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