Busy Lamps

An administrator can configure function keys on the handset to work as Busy Lamp Fields (BLFs). They do this using IP Office Manager or IP Office Web Manager. The User BLF function cannot be programmed from the handset.

When there is a call to a monitored user, the corresponding function key flashes during ringing. When the user answers the call, the BLF key stops flashing and turns on. When a BLF key is turned off, this means that the phone is in an Idle sate, not Active or on a call.

You can pick up a call activating the BLF by pressing the corresponding function key. When there is no call activating the BLF, pressing the BLF key speed dials that extension.

For information on configuring function keys, see Features. Note that if you program a feature for the same function key used by the BLF you will overwrite the BLF function set by the administrator.

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