Bridged Appearance

A bridged appearance button shows the state of one of another user’s call appearance buttons. It can be used to answer or join calls on that user’s call appearance button. It can also be used to make a call that the call appearance user can then join or retrieve from hold.

When the user’s call appearance button alerts, any associated bridged appearance buttons on other user’s phones also alert. The bridged appearance buttons can be used to answer the call on the call appearance button user’s behalf.

When the call appearance button user answers or makes a call, any associated bridged appearance buttons on other users’ phones show the status of the call, ie. active, on hold, etc. The bridged appearance button can be used to retrieve the call if on hold or to join the call if active (subject to intrusion permissions).

Note Bridged appearance buttons are different from the action of bridging into a call (joining a call). See Joining Other Calls (Bridging).

Bridged appearance buttons are not supported between users on different systems in a multi-site network.

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