Basic Edition

IP Office Basic Edition is intended for small and growing enterprises that need higher productivity with a professional touch. Businesses can increase capacity as needed.

IP Office Basic Edition provides basic telephony features such as:

  • 64 trunk capacity: analog, PRI/T1, and SIP

  • Key system operation

  • 64 party conferencing capacity

  • Automated Attendant

  • Multiple language support

  • Call forwarding

  • Caller ID

  • Dial by name

  • Breakout to reception

  • Integrated voicemail:

    • Maximum of 6 concurrent calls to voicemail with approximately 25 hours of storage

    • Message control including Save, Delete, Forward, Repeat, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Skip Message

    • Visual voicemail

    • Message time and date stamping

Modes of operation

IP500V2 control units are supplied with no installed firmware or configuration. When first powered up, the control unit loads and installs the necessary firmware from the system SD card installed in it. It creates a default configuration matching the card installed in the control unit and external expansion modules attached to it. IP500V2 control units can operate in a number of modes. The initial mode is determined by the type of system SD card.

Mode SD card
IP Office Basic Edition Quick mode
  • a-law telephony PBX system operation.

  • μ-law telephony key system operation.

IP Office Basic Edition – PARTNER Mode Defaults to a-law telephony PARTNER mode operation.
IP Office Basic Edition – NORSTAR Mode Defaults to μ-law telephony NORSTAR mode operation.

Basic Edition runs on the IP500V2 control unit. An SD is required and is installed in the rear of the control unit, providing operating software, feature keys, and licenses. An optional SD card can be installed in the optional SD card slot, providing redundant backup and system upgrade capabilities.

Table 1. Supported base cards.

Basic Edition supports following base cards:

Base card PARTNER mode

Maximum per system


Maximum per system

Combination analog 4 4
Combination BRI 2
ETR6 3
DS8 3 3
TCM8 4 4
Phone 2 4 4
Phone 8 4 4
Table 2. Supported trunk cards.

Basic Edition supports the following trunk cards:

Trunk card PARTNER mode

Maximum per system


Maximum per system

ATM4 4 4
PRI/T1 1
PRI/E1 1
BRI4 4
BRI8 1

Expansion modules

Basic Edition supports the following expansion modules:

        • DS16A

        • DS16B

        • DS16B2

        • ATM16

        • Phone 16

        • Phone 30

        • DS30A

        • DS30B

        • DS30B2

    DS16B2 and DS30B2 digital station modules are supported on IP Office Release 10.1, Release 9.1 SP12, and 10.0 SP5 onwards.

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