Enhanced Intrusion

Designated users can join an existing conversation on internal or external calls. This features also allows a user to interrupt a call to without the caller hearing the conversation.

Administrators and supervisors designate users with the Can Intrude setting. Users can join calls on any extension on the system, however, administrators can also designate users with the Cannot be Intruded setting, which prevents others from intruding on their calls.

On Essential and Preferred Edition systems, Silent Intrusion or Whisper Page can be effective in a scenario where a user intrudes into a call to whisper that a very important customer is waiting. The user hears the whisper while talking to the caller but the caller will not be able to hear the whisper.

Used in call center scenarios and with other applications between employees. Supports the interruption or inclusion of a supervisor on a live call to talk to an agent without the far-end caller listening to the conversation. This is useful when the agent needs coaching support/training or when the supervisor needs to intrude to give instructions to an agent. The caller may still talk to the agent, but the caller will not hear what the supervisor is saying. The agent will be able to hear both the caller and the supervisor.

The feature enables users on a call to “intrude” and listen depending on the configuration of the end users if Coaching Intrusion or Whisper Page is used. Coaching Intrusion and Whisper Page cannot be done on and idle user. It may be done for internal calls or with external calls. This feature is enable through the IP Office Managerfor each user. Only authorized users can use the coach/whisper feature. The default setting is off.

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