C110 Unified Communications Module

This card is an embedded server that allows Linux based IP Office applications to be run within the IP Office control unit rather than requiring separate PCs. The IP address of the server is set during its initial configuration and can then be changed through web browser access to the server.

There are two type of card. The Unified Communications Module v2 is supported by IP Office Release 9.1 and higher. The Unified Communications Module v1 is supported for IP Office Release 8.0 Q1 2012 Service Pack or higher. Though physically different, the two types of card current support the same applications and application capacities. However, the v2 is not supplied with pre-installed software.

Unified Communications Module v1Unified Communications Module v1


Unified Communications Module v2Unified Communications Module v2

Voicemail Pro and or one-X Portal for IP Office applications only.

IP Office Users: Up to 200 users when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office. More than 200 users when running just Voicemail Pro.

Simultaneous one-X Portal for IP Office Users: 50.

Maximum voicemail ports: Up to 20 ports when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office. Up to 40 ports when running just Voicemail Pro.

Small Community Network: Maximum 6 systems.

For both card types, an Essential Edition license is required as a pre-requisite. The voicemail server on the card also requires the system to have a Preferred Edition license.

On pre-IP Office Release 10 systems the Unified Communications Module v1 grants the host system the virtual Preferred Edition license it needs for Voicemail Pro. This no longer applies for IP Office Release 10 and higher. Existing IP Office systems being upgraded to IP Office Release 10 must use the IP Office license migration process to retain the existing license.

Maximum per Control Unit: 1 per control unit.

IP500 Trunk Card Support: cross

IP Office Modes: Not supported in IP Office Basic Edition modes.

The Unified Communications Module v1 card is supplied with a removable plastic cover that locates over the external ports (LAN, USB and HDMI) on the faceplate of the card. This cover should always be in place during normal operation of the card. The cover should only be temporarily removed during maintenance actions that require access to the ports and should be replaced when the maintenance is completed.

! WARNING: Card Remains Hot After System Shutdown
When removing an Unified Communications Module from a system, care should be taken not to touch the heat sink on the module. The heat sink remains hot for a long period after system shutdown.




SAP Code


IP Office Unified Communications Module v1



IP Office Unified Communications Module v2